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High Speed Door

Acumen Entry Solutions provides the highest quality, professional High Speed Door service and repair for all of the south Puget Sound region of WA. Acumen Entry Solutions is bonded and insured, provides free estimates and all of our work is guaranteed.

High Speed Door Service and Repair WA

High Speed Door

A High Speed Door is typically a fabric door that rolls up vertically at speeds of 24" to 32" per second. There are other High Speed Door types that are made to part vertically in the center, allowing forklifts and general traffic to flow through unimpeded, and then sealing immediately behind them. This is an advantage for businesses regulated by health departments, FDA, USDA, and environmentally controlled areas.

A High Speed Door can be activated in several ways; proximity sensors, microwave , transponders  and ground loops. In a busy area, a High Speed Door can pay for itself in a short period of time by saving energy and manpower.

Acumen provides the same high quality services for:

Impact Doors 
Hangar Doors 
Floor Doors 
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Corrosion Resistant Doors 
Cold Storage Doors 
Access Doors
Bullet Resistant Doors

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